Become a Flow Keeper

flow keeper We invite you to consider becoming a Flow Keeper to ensure we can continue to share the practical, positive message of Unity to even more people. 

A Flow Keeper is someone who commits to a monthly donation program through Auto Giving. 

Some of our Flow Keepers set up an automatic PayPal donation through the donation button.  Others make arrangements through their financial institutions. 

This auto-giving supports Unity in planning a consistent budget throughout the year – even when people are on vacation or there is an unexpected weather event like the August 2023 storm and tornado.

We certainly live in challenging times and humanity needs the positive Unity message more than ever! At whatever level of support makes sense to you, please consider making it regular as a “Flow Keeper”. You can sign up for monthly electronic giving at this webpage. or through your financial institution.

Again, Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing thanks you for your committed giving! 

The 2024 Board of Trustees of Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing: President Chrissie Shearer, Vice President Jeff Benoit, Secretary Jill Dening, Treasurer Jane Cloos, At Large Lucille Olson, Donnette Pinkerton and Janet Cortright.

We shall serve for the joy of serving, prosperity shall flow to us and through us in unending streams of plenty. - Charles Fillmore

Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing is grateful for your generosity and the many ways you support your spiritual community.  We are blessed to be a sanctuary open to all people as well as a sanctuary for wildlife and vegetation.  Striving to be a force for good in our community, we support the work of local, charitable organizations; offer free live-streaming of our Sunday Service and classes and are here to support each other in times of grief and celebrations, with in-person classes, counseling, and spiritual services to meet the growing needs of our people.