Sunday Services Topics and Musicians

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Corbin and Lee
Figuring it out with Dad
Casey and Corbin
All ages welcome in our service

Sunday Celebration Services 10:30 am

An experience of message, meditation, music and some interactive components (singing and discussion).

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 "In The Flow" Sunday Talk Series


Rev. Sharon

Elizabeth Kunc
Elizabeth Kunc

May 28th "Flip the Switch"

-The Effusion of Light


Rev. Sharon Ketchum

Soloist: Elizabeth Kunc

Song Lead: Greg Dening

Platform: Lee Nelson


DeShawn Sneed-Pratt


Rev. Sharon

June 4th "Comm-Unity"

the Art of Getting Along


Rev. Sharon Ketchum

Soloist DeShawn

Song Lead: Greg Dening

Platform: Kathy Assiff

Winalee Zeeb
Rev. Sharon

June 11th Take the Test -

Outgive God!

The Wellspring of Living

Rev. Sharon Ketchum

Soloist: Winalee Zeeb

Song Lead: Greg Dening

Platform: Winalee Zeeb


Rev. Sharon
Thomas and Celina Ruhala

June 18th

Life in the Flow

"Grow Old or

Grow Onward"

Rev. Sharon Ketchum

Soloist: Celina and Thomas Ruhala

Song Lead: Greg Dening

Platform: Jeff Benoit

Jim White
Rev. Jim White
Rick Seguin

June 25th

Guest Rev. Jim White

Jim's Bio below


Soloist: Rick Seguin

Song Lead: Greg Dening

Platform: Maggie Bishop


MEET REV. JIM WHITE:  Rev. James A. White, Jr. is an accomplished speaker, teacher, author, and study group leader of A Course in Miracles (ACIM). He’s been an ardent student of ACIM since 2001.

In 2014, Jim founded Love Communications Ministries (formerly Love Communications), an organization devoted to raising spiritual awareness through the study and practice of ACIM. In his 20-year association with ACIM, Jim has led numerous in-depth ACIM retreats and workshops and appeared in YouTube videos and other educational forums on various ACIM topics. He taught ACIM on “ACIM Gather” Internet Radio from 2012 to 2017, and in 2015, he was a featured presenter at the International Conference on ACIM in New York City. More recently, Jim was interviewed by ACIM teacher David Hoffmeister and was a participant in the “Let’s Discuss ACIM” webinar series sponsored by the Foundation for Inner Peace, publisher of ACIM.

Jim has also conducted studies of his ACIM-related book, Earth School at Unity of Livonia, Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing, and the “Rising Elizabeth’s” Spiritual Study Group.   Jim’s published books include Earth School, Phrase Reference to A Course in Miracles, and the ACIM Fun Book.

Jim currently resides in Ypsilanti, MI, where he enjoys studying mysticism and technology and playing his saxophone. Jim can be contacted at

Rev. Sharon
Rachael Gates

July 2nd "Back to the Future"

Rev. Sharon Ketchum

Soloist: Rachael Gates

Song Lead: Greg Dening

Platform: TBA