Youth & Family Ministry


youth and familyCurrently all ages are welcomed into our Sunday Celebration Services at 10:30 am

We have coloring supplies available for them to use.

For toddlers, there is a designated area in the sanctuary with a play pad, toys and upholstered chairs for whomever the toddlers bring with them.

Young people ages 12 and up are welcome to use our Activity Room during Sunday Services.

Our Youth and Family Ministry Coordinator Position:  CURRENTLY OPEN 

During non-covid times, the YFM team lead (Youth & Family Ministry) meets in conjunction with SAGE (Spiritual Awakening Generates Enlightenment) on the third Sunday of the month, following the Sunday Service.

If you have some ideas and would like to become involved in cocreating our Youth and Family Ministry program, contact Casey Miller

We are also exploring how we can serve the youth in our neighborhood.

Stay tuned for further developments.

Youth and Family Ministry Team



Rooted in love, joy, integrity and Unity Principles, we strive to provide a safe and 

respectful environment that enables today's youth to become tomorrow's world changers. 

Team Leader open

  • we incorporate the core values of USCL
  • create a safe environment for Sunday service.
  • present curriculum consistent with spiritual growth and development
  • provide well trained lesson leaders
  • link to congregation
  • All Ages centered events and activities
  • encourage congregation participation
  • market and advertise events and activities
  • encourage grand parent participation
  • create palatable discipline policy
  • encourage retention
  • support parents in attendance

Strategies (How):

  • Make sure at least two lesson leaders are present for every group 
  • train instructors regularly in curriculum
  • yearly background checks
  • monthly family events
  • parent classes during events
  • FB/newsletter/bulletin notices
  • reports during sunday celebration
  • expand web presence with social media and website
  • bring your grand kid to church event