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Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing Bylaws: ARTICLE IV - Members

Section 3.  Membership. 

  1. New Members.  Thirty (30) days after acceptance, a new member who has reached the age of eighteen (18) will have voting rights at all membership meetings up through the day prior to the next regularly scheduled annual membership meeting.  To continue membership and voting rights, a new member is required to complete a renewal document prior to the start of the member’s first annual meeting.
  2. Existing Members.  To retain membership rights, each member must indicate a desire to remain a member by completing and returning to the church a yearly membership renewal document as approved and distributed by the Board of Trustees.  If no current membership renewal document is on file prior to the start of the Annual Membership Meeting, that person becomes a former member and cannot serve on the Board of Trustees or vote at any membership meeting.

Healthy and Safe Community Interactions

In alignment with USCL’s core values, it is the intention of this spiritual community to foster a healthy and  safe space for everyone. 

As a member of USCL, I commit to our community agreement to treat each other with respect:

I seek to be kind, self-aware, collaborative, quick to listen and slow to judge. 

I commit to co-creating healthy and safe interactions within our community by respecting that a variety of opinions and conflict is a normal part of life. 

Being willing to see the need behind the conflict as opposed to becoming polarized into differences (Nonviolent communication) and defaulting to prayer to open my ears, to release any need to be right, and to discover the path of peace and kindness for all concerned.

Inclusion Statement adopted March 2023

Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing, its members and affiliates, welcome with love all people in every form as God’s creation.

We embrace and honor the Divine within as the one common denominator that we share on our human journey.

We recognize the perfection represented in the mosaic of all humans by: race; culture; gender, sexual identity & orientation; body type; disability; economic status; neurodiversity; life experience; belief; ideas; and perspective. 

We strive to expand beyond our individual unconscious biases, blinders, ignorance, and inexperience to create a space where gaps are uncovered, opportunities to be Love in Action are identified, and wholeness is realized.

We affirm and support Unity principles and programs that are non-discriminatory and inclusive in our teachings, policies, buildings, and within our communities.

We champion the course of human rights and social justice for all. However varied, we are one.

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Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing

Vision: Inspired by the vision of Unity Worldwide Ministries, our Vision Statement is: “A world powerfully transformed through the growing movement of shared spiritual awakening"

Mission: “To advance the Unity movement that calls us to spiritually awaken to our oneness with God, each other and all creation.”

Core Values: God is love and we express love through all our Core Values.

Spiritual Awakening: We seek to experience and live from a state of conscious onesness with God, each other and all creation.

Freedom: We champion each individuals’ freedom to become a full expression of spirit.

Integrity: We apply Unity principles by making and keeping our agreements in thought and action.

Joyfulness: With playful expression we celebrate life, love and abundance.

Inclusiveness: We embrace all people as an expression of God.

Stewardship: We gratefully receive the abundant gifts of the universe and share generously.

Prayer: We acknowledge, celebrate and practice the transformative power of prayer

Contact Information:

PRIVACY OF INFORMATION: Your personal information is held confidential.  Access to information is available to the Minister, Administrative Assistant, Board of Trustees, and Team Leaders. Note that if you choose to use your phone number or email as a  part of a promotional poster for a class or service, it will be considered public information.