Memorial Garden Trees

pond and trees

oak treepraying headMemorial Garden Trees


A section of the Unity campus is reserved

for planting trees in memory,

in celebration,

or simply because you love trees.





site mapMemorial Meditation Garden        SE Corner of Property

Phase one: Far 60 x 60 yards plot (far apple tree SW)

Phase two: Adjacent 60 x 60 yards (2nd apple tree)

Planting a Tree in honor/memory/celebration

of a person, pet or cause

  1. TREE
  1. In order to support the trees in thriving, we ask that tree choices be made from Unity’s overall plan for the garden. (Trees do best next to trees like them.) 
  2. Also, the tree must be mature enough to survive in a natural environment. 
  3. Suggested size is a minimum of 6 feet tall.
  5. 1. Tree is purchased by donor. 
  7. 2. Planting is the responsibility of the donor. 
  9. 3. Planting is responsibility of the donor: can arrange for a nursery/gardener to plant the tree.

4. Recommend donor installs protective screen around tree to protect it from deer.

Volunteers will water for the first year.

tree plaquePLAQUE

Plaque by Plaque Maker (Amazon) 4” by 6”          $34.99

Record # 734355 (‘reorder’) 

order through Amazon

Unity will order plaque. 

Donor can designate content.

Sign can include “in memory of” but no epitaph

Engraved with the following: NAME OF TREE and Type of Tree

Two lines for year and other info (e.g. 2022, in memory of….)

liams lightsSharon L's tree

CREMAINS can be PLANTED WITH TREE – unofficially 

Not in a container. Can be planted below ground or sprinkled above ground around tree


If you are interested in planting a tree,

contact Rev. Sharon or Jerry Podany