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sage cafe

Sage Cafe

is a Sunday Adult Learning Time

9:30 am Unity Lodge Classroom and Unity Zoom Room

Topics and Presenters vary each week.

The Sunday sessions are from 9:30 - 10:15 am in the Lodge (Upper Level) on the Unity Campus at 2395 Washington Road Lansing as well as in the Unity Zoom Room.  

You can access the Lodge either through the far end of the great hall or directly through the door at the northwest end of the campus. Handicap ramp. 

Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing Zoom Meeting Room

Meeting ID: 177 417 886 Passcode: 601744      

Sage Cafe is a space to come together for interesting sharing and learning opportunities. 

Sage means wisdom and is something we all have to share.

If you have a topic you would like to present or lead a discussion on, Or perhaps a creative craft,

contract Doug Eagle 



The Twelve Powers

Divine abilities within all Humanity

Each month, LuAnne takes us on an exploration

of one of the 12 powers,

as described by Unity cofounder Charles Fillmore

March is about STRENGTH

sage cafeSuccubus and Toxic Femininity

with C.J. Pratt

The study of mythology and associated paradigms continues as CJ help us explore toxic feminity through the mysth of "Succubus" -

 succubus (pl.succubi) is a demon or supernatural entity in folklore, in female form, that appears in dreams to seduce men.




sage cafeWe the People

with Kathy Kris

“We the People” is a session covering some of the ideas in Kathy Kris’ soon-t0-be-published book of the same name. Times are tough and “we the people’ are the main ingredient in getting through the turmoil. Everything has an expiration date. The old religions and leaders that make war will find no place in the new era. They are past their expiration date and now stink because they are so rotten.  We The People can gain the strength to take the lead. It is a time for calibration. BIG changes are not an ending; it is an upgrade. It is the worst of times that will make the best of times to come. 

sage cafe

My Personal Symbolism in My Drawings

with Doug Eagle


Doug will explain the symbolism that goes into his drawings.

If there is time, he will advise on on drawing your own symbols.




sage cafeUnity's 4th Annual

Easter Egg Decorating

with CJ and Deshawun Snead Pratt

Learn some egg decorating skills from the artists.

All you need to bring is your imagination.




Sage Cafe