Agenda for 2024 Annual Members' Meeting


DRAFT AGENDA FOR USCL 9th Annual Members Meeting 3/10/2024  CLICK HERE FOR PDF OF AGENDA


All documents available online at

In Person at 2395 Washington Road, Lansing, MI 48911 Zoom: Meeting ID: 177 417 886 Passcode: 601744

12:00   Call Meeting to Order by Board President                                                    President Chrissie Shearer

Opening Prayer                                                                                     Rev. Sharon Ketchum

Mission, Vision, and Core Values                                                      All Affirm Together

  • We awaken to our Oneness with God, each other and all creation.
  • We see a world powerfully transformed through  the shared spiritual awakening of all humanity.
  • We value our collective Spiritual Awakening, Freedom, Integrity, Joyfulness, Inclusivity, Stewardship and Prayer.

Approval of Meeting Agenda                                                                        Motion

Explanation of Voting Methods                                                        President Chrissie Shearer

In person members raise hands for all voting. If joining virtually. Raise hand next to face.

Any member can request that we take a roll call vote on any item.

Scrutineers for counting of Zoom Hand Votes:  Greg Dening and Jessica Shelton.

Scrutineers for in person votes:  ask for two volunteers

Establish quorum       – number of members signed into meeting              Greg Dening

Approval of 2023 Annual Members Meeting Minutes                                President Chrissie Shearer    

Minutes posted on website – they will not be read aloud…

Financial Report                                                                                             Treasurer Jane Cloos

Presentation 2023 Financials, P&L, Balance Sheet, Actuals/Budget

Presentation of 2024 Budget

Motion to approve 2024 Budget                                           President Chrissie Shearer

Membership vote to approve 2024 Budget

Blessing the Ministry’s gifts and assets                                                        Rev. Sharon Ketchum


*Election of Board of Trustees Members   

Vice President Jeff Benoit will take over meeting as the President is one of the nominees

Board Rep of Nominating Team presents the slate of nominees                          Maggie Bishop

Slate of Board Nominees 2024: Both are running for their 2nd  term

(alphabetically):          Jill Cloos, Chrissie Shearer

Each nominee is invited to introduce themselves and say a few words    V.P. Jeff Benoit

Vote to approve the slate presented by the Nominating Team                V.P. Jeff Benoit

Chair of meeting reverts to Chrissie Shearer


*Election of Congregational Representative and Alternate to Nominating Team    Chrissie Shearer

Vote for Congregational Rep and Alternate Representative to nominating team:

Asking that volunteers to be part of the nomination team submit interest prior to meeting

 President’s Report                                                                                        President Chrissie Shearer

Highlights of 2023 Renewal of Rev. Sharon's contract for 3 years, Summary of accomplishments in 2023, Creation of the Rental Venue Team, Projects "Wish List" Completely Funded, Successful 1st Circulation Day ,Increase in Membership, Recognition of Team Membership, Project Funding, Time/Talent/Funding, 90th Anniversary of Unity in Lansing - A special celebration event is being planned for by the Social Team

Old Business

There is no old business from the 2023 annual members meeting

New Business                                                                                           President Chrissie Shearer

Reports – handout with discussion by exception

  1. Renovation Project Update Report      Jerry Podany
  2. Venue Rental Team update Report     Jeff Benoit
  3. Safety Plans Introduction                     Donette Pinkerton

Any new business from the floor?

Closing Prayer                                                                                          Rev. Sharon Ketchum

Motion to Adjourn –


Everyone is invited to a Chili Potluck in the Great Hall