Lending Library


libraryUnity's Lending Library

located in Activity Room, north of sanctuary

Unity classics, Metaphysical books

Children's section

We do not require materials to be signed out.  Lisa Schmidt

This operates on the honor system. 

We trust you to return or replace anything you borrow.

For a list of acceptable items before donating, please e-mail Lisa Schmidt


Acceptable library donations:  library

Thank you for considering donating to USCL’s Library.  In keeping with Unity’s vision and values we will accept only books, CDs and DVDs in line with Unity teachings. 

Subjects can vary but we are looking for these categories in particular:

  • All Unity related books
  • Bible and bible related
  • New Thought authors past and present
  • Books related to ACIM, ACOL
  • Other religions and other faith practices
  • Death, Healing and Health
  • Prayer and meditation
  • Forgiveness, Self-help
  • Casual reading with a spiritual tone
  • Appropriate like skills – Nonviolent Communication, Yoga, Health foods, etc.
  • Ministerial
  • Mystical

We will not accept:

  • Books with
    • broken bindings
    • excessive highlights or writing throughout the book
    • ripped, torn, disfigured or yellowing covers or pages
    • moldy patches
    • a disagreeable odor
  • CDs or DVDs
    • With broken cases
    • self-created or ripped from another source
    • with scratches or missing inserts/cover pages
  • VHS tapes, Cassette Tapes or 8 tracks
  • Large volume collections such as Reader’s Digest or Time/Life

If you have any questions, please let us know! To schedule a drop-off please notify Lisa at motowngirl1965@yahoo.com



Near the south entry to the Great Hall (Sanctuary), there is a shelving unit with items looking for a new home. Feel free to help yourself to whatever you can use.  This includes extra books from the library.  Donations are always accepted, if you feel so blessed!