Comments from Our Members

I've attended Sunday service the past two Sundays.  I was touched and uplifted by each service, more so than I have experienced in other churches over the years.  I have never wanted to become a "church member," but I joyously feel that I would love to belong to Unity.  Thanks so much!            --Renee C. Walsh
I missed going to service yesterday. I actually felt I missed something. I've never felt that way about church before. I'm glad, it means I'm in the right place.   --Lisa Schmidt  
I want you to know the impact that your services have on me!  The song that is sung just before meditation ("Our Thoughts are Prayers") is one that stays with me all week. I find it running through me head daily as I go about others. It keeps me centered.  I always feel better after the Sunday meditations. I also feel genuinely embraced every Sunday I attend. Thanks so much!   --Nancy Anderson  
I really enjoy the band! The non-traditional and varied music is joyful and delightful! It makes me feel at ease and comfortable right away.
  --Karen Tiffany  
"Mom, I felt like I was in this giant bubble of love all weekend. It was SO amazing!"

--Ashley Dickins
(upon returning from a youth retreat)

I can't describe how powerful it was to be with 400 other kids from 6 states--all "positive-minded." The love and acceptance I felt from them was overwhelming. I'm ready to go again!   --Casey Miller
(upon returning from the Y.O.U. Summer Rally)
I'm always amazed at how very open and inviting Unity people are!  Every Sunday I find peace and love and acceptance.  I'm so glad I found Unity of Greater Lansing.   --Jan Roxford  
I am writing a long overdue note of gratitude for the special workshop on "Talking to your Kids About Sex" given by Julie Thomas-Beckett and Joy Whitten.  Both are clearly experts in their field of sex education for youth. I came away with many valuable tools to have open communication with my 9 and 12-year-old children. This was a much-needed, much-appreciated class! Thanks.
  --Char Muffit  
I love the weekly reminders that God loves me just the way I am. I'm so glad I found Unity in Greater Lansing. I always come away with a really heart-felt experience.   --Nicholas Holcomb  
Thanks for directing me to the nursery last Sunday. My kids tell me they really enjoyed themselves and I had an hour to myself. I loved the unexpectedly upbeat music. I'm looking forward to returning next Sunday.    --Anne Craft  
This is just what I've been looking for--NOT the normal "Christian" service!   --Barbara Parr  
I particularly like the way prayer requests are collected and then prayed over not only by the pastor, but by the Positive Prayer Circle and Silent Unity. Prayer is powerful!   --Nancy Abish