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- where you get your spirit fed

Sage Cafe is a space to come together for interesting sharing and learning opportunities. 

Sage means wisdom and is something we all have to share.

Materials presented are not intended to represent the teachings of Unity.  They are offered as the facilitator's individual beliefs, opinions & explorations  As adults, we are invited to take what resonates, question what doesn't and leave behind what doesn't work for us.

Each sessions has a specific topics and a group facilitator. The experience is usually an educational presentation on a variety of topics and occasionally it's a Conversations Cafe'.  Conversations Cafe' is free flowing discussion around pertinent suggested topics of interest to everyone.

Past sessions have included topics such as Ho'oponopono, ideas from A Course in Miracles, Unity's basic principles, healthy eyes, vegan eating, meditation practices, exploring a variety of faith communities and more...

If you are interested in facilitating a Sage Cafe Session or Conversation Cafe, contact the SAGE Team leaders Doug Eagle dougeagle73@icloud.com or Danielle McMahon mbarmranch@gmail.com.

The SAGE Education team meets the THIRD Sunday of every month following the Sunday Celebration Service to plan Sage Cafe sessions as well as other classes, workshops, concerts and more.

Email the team lead Doug Eagle dougeagle73@icloud.com to have your ideas added to the team's agenda.  The meeting is open to everyone.  Items should be placed on the agenda prior to the meeting.