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The Staff and Leadership of Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing is committed to providing the membership with opportunities to explore their spiritual path and awaken to their oneness with God, each other and all creation

Rev. Sharon Ketchum
Rev. Sharon Ketchum
Senior Minister
Jessica Shelton
Jessica Shelton,
Office Manager




Rev. Sharon Ketchum, Minister    

Off on Wednesdays 

Jessica Shelton, Office Manager

Office Hours: Wed - Friday 10 am - 2 pm




President Dan Maynard, Vice President Kathleen Assiff, Secretary Jill Dening, Treasurer Jane Cloos

Dan Maynard 2021

Kathleen Assiff   Jill Dening 2021Jane Cloos 2021









Members at Large: Chrissie Shearer, Lucille Olson, Teresa Mulford

Chrissie Shearer Teresa Mulford in redLucille Olson in red

Our Leadership Council - A Mission Centric Church, Click here for more information

group of people holding hands above their headsLeadership Council is comprised of our Board of Directors and Team Leaders from each of our Ministry Teams: 

Main Teams: Administration, Celebration Services, Outreach/Social, SAGE (Classes and Workshops), Inclusivity-Diversity, Technology

Sub teams: Fellowship, Lunch Bunch, Silent Prayer Team, Pastoral Connections, Unity Earthcare, Design Team, Lunch Bunch, Tech Team, Library, Ushers/Greeters, Counters, Grounds, Labyrinth

Some teams are on hiatus due to Covid conditions. 

New teams are forming to meet more current needs  

Hiatus: Youth & Family



Click here to learn more about the Music Team

Director/ Piano Jeff English, Drums/Sound Steve Edwards (and Michael Rostesos (Razz))

Bass Justin Valla    Guitar John Loose                                                                Song Leader Greg Dening

A variety of soloists are featured weekly

Band - Jeff, John, Justin, Steve
Razz on drums, Justin Valla bass, John Loose guitar
Jeff English piano and music director
Greg Dening
Greg Dening, Song Leader